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Design Lab Residency

Residency @ The Design Lab

The Design Lab is growing to serve the needs of the University and our surrounding community. With San Diego’s and Tijuana’s designation as the 2024 World Design Capital, the Design Lab will be the focus of people worldwide as we strive to “show the power of design as a way of thinking, to address important societal issues, and as a source of innovation for companies, organizations, and educational communities at all levels.”

The Design Lab Residency Programs trains undergraduate and graduate students to support our staff that delivers knowledge, programs, and services in the field of Human-Centered Design. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a UCSD program, motivated to serve others, and have an interest in Design Thinking, creativity and innovation.

Residents are trained to work with students, groups, faculty, and cross-disciplinary teams to identify problems, ideate potential solutions, and develop prototypes. After training, residents learn how to present on the topic of design thinking, lead a group of people in a workshop, support a team through a project and serve as a consultant. 

Upon the successful completion of this one-year program, Residents receive a recommendation commensurate to their work, and one year of experience as a consultant to complement their UCSD degree. Successful Residents continue to build their experiences and become ongoing resources for Design Lab projects.

Residents - Cohort 1

Huimeng Lu

Double Major in Math-CS and Cognitive Science, Design & Interaction, Minor in Visual Arts.
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Nadia Corral

Cognitive Science, specialization in Design and Interaction with a minor in Design.
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Esha Garg

Speculative Design with a minor in Mechanics.
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Ashley Hendrickson

Developmental Psychology with a minor in Global Health.
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Sarah Kang

Double major in Cognitive Science and Philosophy.
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Elizabeth Morgan

Psychology and minoring in Design.
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Kelly Nham

Cognitive Science, Specialization in Design and Interaction with a double minor in Psychology and Design.
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Rajvir Logani

Speculative design with a Minor in Design.
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Katrina Do

Business Economics and Cognitive Science: Design and Interaction major.
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Beck Rinks

Speculative Design, Minoring in Mechanics.
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Residents - Cohort 2

Jarenz Timothy Castillo

Cognitive Science with a Specialization in Design and Interaction (major), Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts (minor).
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Kristina Diep

Mathematics-Computer Science
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Christopher Erpelding

Cognitive Science Major, specialization in Human Computer Interaction and a minor in Entrepreneurship
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Elinor Oren

Real Estate Development
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A.S.H. Harris

Mechanical Engineering major with an emphasis on Product Development and Robotics.
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Jude Abishek Rayan

Ph.D. in Cognitive Science (Spec. Human Centered Design)
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Khadija Hassan

Psychology major with a minor in Design
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Sasha Zabegalin

Human-Computer Interaction, Minor in Speculative Design
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Ren Sy

Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience major with a minor in Design
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Samuel Do

Double Major: Political Science (Data Analytics) Cognitive Science (Design and Interaction)
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How to Apply

Please take some time to learn about the Design Lab, our people, and the work we do.

Watch our videos on YouTube, and follow our social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

If you are passionate about this work and interested in this position, complete this internship application form. Every application will be reviewed, and those students meeting our requirements will be scheduled for an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do applications for Cohort 4 open?

Applications for Cohort 3 will open the first week of the Spring quarter 2023. Interviews will be scheduled one week later and invitations will be forwarded the following week.

Who can apply?

Any student currently enrolled at UC San Diego is eligible to apply for this program. Graduating students may apply if they are able to complete two-quarters of the program while still enrolled.

What is the time commitment?

The program is a one-year residency, which includes four quarters and ten hours per week of service. Hours are scheduled weekly to accommodate classes and other commitments.

Do I have to have any prior knowledge or experience?

No previous knowledge or experience is required. All required knowledge and skills will be developed during the training program.

What type of projects will I work on?

Students will have the opportunity to work on small and large projects with students, faculty, and administrators, as well as members of the community. Opportunities will be based on requests made to the Design Lab for support.

Is this a paid position?

No, this is not a paid position. In return for the specialized training and real-world experience, students will support the UC San Diego community.

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