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Design Lab Agency Services

Agency Services Program

We help clients solve the right problems.

The UC San Diego Design Lab is home to globally recognized faculty and principal designers at the forefront of advancing design research, education, and application of humanity-centered design. Our Residents are undergraduate and graduate students from all schools, making us truly a transdisciplinary place for design. All are supported by Designers-in-Residence, cross-sector leaders and practitioners from all areas of design.

The Agency Services Program provides world-class professional services to university, industry, civic, and community partners based on our deep expertise and knowledge about human-centered design and guided by our novel research at the frontiers of the design field.

SPEAKING | Leading experts share research, information, and processes alongside insights from applications to help audiences better understand human-centered design.

WORKSHOPS | Short-term learning experiences focused on relatable issues help introduce new processes and provide an environment that builds confidence.

TRAINING | Global experts in education and experienced designers transfer knowledge and build skills to accelerate your team’s professional development

CONSULTING | Renowned professors and experienced professionals across UC San Diego’s campus provide thought leadership and consultation to ensure that your projects are planned, managed, and measured according to the most advanced practices in the design field.

RESEARCH | Leveraging the brain trust of a top-ranked research university and a research-ready student body allows for rigorous research methods, analytics, and outcomes.

Engage the Design Lab to help solve your problems.

When you need experts to help solve your problem, contact the leaders in human-centered design. 

To learn how your organization can engage the UCSD Design Lab Agency Services Program, email Program Manager Kevin Popovic at or visit us in the state-of-the-art Design and Innovation Building on UC San Diego’s Campus.

Residents - Cohort 1

Huimeng Lu

Double Major in Math-CS and Cognitive Science, Design & Interaction, Minor in Visual Arts.
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Nadia Corral

Cognitive Science, specialization in Design and Interaction with a minor in Design.
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Esha Garg

Speculative Design with a minor in Mechanics.
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Ashley Hendrickson

Developmental Psychology with a minor in Global Health.
Read more

Sarah Kang

Double major in Cognitive Science and Philosophy.
Read more

Elizabeth Morgan

Psychology and minoring in Design.
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Kelly Nham

Cognitive Science, Specialization in Design and Interaction with a double minor in Psychology and Design.
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Rajvir Logani

Speculative design with a Minor in Design.
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Katrina Do

Business Economics and Cognitive Science: Design and Interaction major.
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Beck Rinks

Speculative Design, Minoring in Mechanics.
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Residents - Cohort 2

Jarenz Timothy Castillo

Cognitive Science with a Specialization in Design and Interaction (major), Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts (minor).
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Kristina Diep

Mathematics-Computer Science
Read more

Christopher Erpelding

Cognitive Science Major, specialization in Human Computer Interaction and a minor in Entrepreneurship
Read more

Elinor Oren

Real Estate Development
Read more

A.S.H. Harris

Mechanical Engineering major with an emphasis on Product Development and Robotics.
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Jude Abishek Rayan

Ph.D. in Cognitive Science (Spec. Human Centered Design)
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Khadija Hassan

Psychology major with a minor in Design
Read more

Sasha Zabegalin

Human-Computer Interaction, Minor in Speculative Design
Read more

Ren Sy

Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience major with a minor in Design
Read more

Samuel Do

Double Major: Political Science (Data Analytics) Cognitive Science (Design and Interaction)
Read more
Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program operate like a professional design agency?

Yes. The Agency Services Program is managed by Kevin Popovic, Founder of Ideahaus®, an award-winning creative communications agency, and the Principal of The Idea Guy®, a management consulting firm helping clients create new ideas that solve business problems.

What types of companies does the program work with?

The Agency Services Program works with all types of organizations: business-to-business, business-to-consumer, non-profit, and governmental agencies.

Does the program only provide services when school is in-session?

The Agency Services Program is a full-time services provider. Designers, Faculty, Residents, and Designers-In-Residence are available, as needed, to support client projects.

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