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Ren Sy: Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience major with a minor in Design

Strengths include Study Design, User Research, Interface Design, and Data Analysis.

Ren Sy is a 4th year Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience major minoring in Design. Her current projects include one with the HCI Collaboratory at the UCSD Design Lab designing an interface that allows for efficient remote collaboration between an expert in virtual reality and a novice in augmented reality. She has a passion for studying alternate states of consciousness, both influenced by psychopharmacology and immersive technology. Her prospects include research & development and design for non-invasive brain-computer interfaces used to aid cognitive and neurological disorders. In conjunction, she is on a creative journey to envision how neuroscience can be integrated with design, in both aesthetic and functional senses. In her free time, you can find her songwriting, crocheting, doing yoga, rock climbing, hosting a KSDT Radio show, and leading women outdoors with Girls Gone Wild: Womxn’s Outdoor Collective.

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